City Pub Co Acquires the Althorp in Wandsworth

February 15, 2016

City Pub Co West has acquired the Althorp pub in Wandsworth Common from multiple operator Gareth Lloyd-Jones, through specialist leisure advisers, Davis Coffer Lyons.

The freehold pub was purchased for £2.5million, and will continue to trade as it is initially with a future refurbishment planned.

Clive Watson, Chairman, City Pub Co West spoke exclusively to M&C Allegra. He said: “It’ a fantastic area and close to two other pubs we have in the area and it’s a nice solid business. These types of pubs don’t come up every day of the week. There’s a few planning consents in place that we can exploit. We can improve the back stairs dining area and on the first floor there’s a function room that isn’t really used as a trading area at the moment.”