DCL Named One of the Industry’s Most Active Agents in Deals Completion

March 1, 2011

Davis Coffer Lyons has been named as one of the UK commercial property industry’s most active agents in 2010.

Hailed as one of the Top National Agents by leading publication Estates Gazette, DCL claimed a spot as one of the top five national agents within the Leisure and Hotels category, as well as named one of the top five London agents servicing the retail and leisure sectors as part of EG’s ‘EGi Deals Competition’ Award, which was announced on 25 February 2010.

The EGi Deals Competition is an independent survey conducted by the EGi Research team covering all UK commercial property transactions. It establishes the agents completing the largest number of deals during 2010.

David Coffer, Chairman of The Coffer Group comprising Davis Coffer Lyons, Coffer Corporate Leisure, Coffer Leisure Investment Advisory and Coffer Hotels, said: “This is terrific achievement and one that’s testament to much dedication and commitment from all teams within DCL throughout last year. 2010 remained one of the most challenging years for the sector in our 40 year history, signifying that the UK commercial property industry is still very much characterised by diversity across the different sectors and UK regions. I am very proud of our achievement, especially given the firm’s size compared to the competition.

Davis Coffer Lyons represents an exceptional client-base, assisting expanding clients looking to capitalise on market conditions, and providing solutions for clients in distress. Transforming the way landlords look at food and beverage, DCL has helped shape some of the UK’s most recognised leisure brands, high-profile developments, and largest estates.