Obika Secures Third London Site

January 31, 2013

On behalf of La Perla, Davis Coffer Lyons’ Agency team has secured a deal at 11-13 Charlotte Street for international mozzarella bar chain, Obika.

Okika is led by David Haimes, the former managing director of Itsu, and already operates sites in Canary Wharf and South Kensington, as well as 19 sites across Italy, the US, Canada, and Tokyo.

The deal also made headlines for a different reason, involving the lease surrender at the property with Sharps the barbers. Long-maned DCL agent Rob Meadows, who’s last haircut was over a year ago, made a bet with Sharps regarding his precious locks and Rob vowed not to have his haircut until the deal was done. After a long and complicated negotiation process, Sharps agreed a complementary haircut, much to the relief of DCL colleagues as well as Rob’s clients who were quite startled at the sight of Rob’s ears for the very first time.