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Varsity, 146-152 High Street, Bangor, LL5 1NT


The ground floor has recently been renovated to a modern American style bar with a large serving bar that stretches most of the width of the pub. Interior has been thoughtfully decorated and is in a great condition with no need of further renovation. On the second floor of the pub there Is a veranda overlooking the downstairs of the pub with sofa seating areas which also leads to the toilets and smoking/patio area.


The property is located in Bangor in northwest Wales. The property is located on a prime corner site on the High Street and Lonpobty. The property is surrounded by retailers, other licenced operators and residential dwellings. The property has the benefit of good transport links with Bangor Train Station 0.5 miles south west of the property. The property is located on the A4087 which links Bangor to Glanadda and Penrhosgarnedd


Freehold. Price £1.5 million.


The property currently has A4 use.

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