A message from our Chairman, David Coffer

November 16, 2022

There will be many soothsayers making gloomy prophecies in these times of turmoil.  Most will take the simple route of dismally describing the waves of dilemma as they approach and drown them.

Traditionally, at The Coffer Group, we look for the shore and swim against the inevitable turbulent tide as hard as we can – we don’t have any choice if we and indeed our clients are to survive the challenges ahead – it is a matter of actions and not words.  This is the mantra that has given us and our clients safety and solace and success through 5 major recessions and we are about to face undoubtedly another to compare.

There is no point moaning.  We need to be creative, supportive and as helpful as possible to those we serve – our wonderful clients of all sizes and from all sectors of the leisure industry.

We are looking for those amongst you who will be prepared to perform, that have the momentum, the intention, the resources to do so – we will do the rest.

This is how we have made clients for life at The Coffer Group.  So if you have problems, come and talk to us.   Our experience of over 50 years will serve you well, I am sure.  We will find solutions and ways out as has always been the case.

I wish you all to be positive and take advantage of the current climate by effecting transactions and improving asset values on more advantageous terms and to build on your businesses accordingly for when the good times return, as they surely will.

I would not normally write these types of words but these are not normal times and we all need to go that extra step or more.

My experience in a long career and life, is that everything will change and we will come out stronger.

All for one, one for all!