DCL welcomes its latest waggy tailed team member, Rocco

July 29, 2021

London Estate Leasing & Strategy team member Sally French introduced us to 11 week-old cockerpoo, Rocco this month.  He is the latest of 7 pooches who keep us company at 52 Pawland Place.

For several years now, DCL staff have been encouraged to bring their canine family members to work.

Chairman, David Coffer, said “for those of us who can’t have a pet at home, it’s a real boost to have a bit of puppy love when you’re feeling stressed.  Our dogs; Baxter, Pepper, Cookie, Gunner, Luigi, Barney and pup Rocco range from 11 weeks to 11 years old and come in on an ad hoc basis. On the days when no dogs are in, people are often disappointed there will be no cuddles.”

3 year-old Poochon, Cookie Coffer said “when things get a bit Ruff for the humans, we know that showing our tummies and giving them a lick will cheer them up.”

Recent research has confirmed what Coffer Group have felt for years—that the advantages of having your dog in the office with you is of mental and productivity benefit to both the owner and the dog, but also other staff in the workplace. Studies at University of Michigan have found that “dogs lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure, and make individuals who work alone feel less lonely. Furthermore, people are perceived as more friendly and approachable when a dog is present in the office and it’s likely to increase cooperation and other positive behaviours among members of work groups”.

Coton de Tulear, Luigi Wells and working Cocker Spaniel, Barney Hirsch both agreed “woof to that, where are the treats?”.

“But don’t fret” explains David “the plethora of pooches have plenty to do to keep themselves entertained whilst the humans of 52 Pawland Place are busy agreeing deals on the dog and bone. Our extensive literature collection includes classics from some of the greatest pawthors of all time, including: Charles Lickens, JK Growling and Great-Jane Austin.”

DCL caveats that whilst dogs are present in the office, they are for company only and our clients will continue to be serviced by humans.