The Coffer Group Launches Leisure Investment Advisory Service

March 4, 2011

The Coffer Group, the property advisor specialising in the leisure industry, has launched Coffer Leisure Investment Advisory (CLIA), the first dedicated investment consultancy service to the leisure sector.

CLIA will provide advice to advice to owners, investors, funders, institutions and operators who are seeking to maximise returns from their property. The team will advise on all operating leisure businesses and leisure property, to help investors maximise the value of the business as well as enabling them to maximise the value of the property and wider ownerships in the vicinity.

The new advisory service will draw on the property expertise of Davis Coffer Lyons and the corporate finance experience of Coffer Corporate Leisure and be led by Mark Sheehan, Managing Director. Sheehan commented, “The decision to launch CLIA arose from conditions in the current market where leisure property has not only become a more important player, but investors need to understand much wider issues.

“The market is no longer concerned only with rental value and yields, but now needs to consider how specific properties trade, how nearby operators trade, and the capital structure of the operator. We have seen an increased demand from investors and landlords who want to be more sophisticated players in the leisure sector and this has called for a completely integrated service. Leisure has also become a much more important component of wider locations, drawing in and retaining customers for longer.”

CLIA is concerned with only the most up to date intelligence on issues such as occupier’s strength and trading history and that of its competitors, the history of the location, rental growth, sustainability of investment value and its fundability. The attractiveness of the offer can be equally important.

CLIA has developed a unique template for appraising economic viability of investments and business (in terms of direct property and MA) called the CLIA Health Check, a unique technical and financial model for identifying strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities from any potential transaction.

The team has also appointed two new members of staff to service the expansion and in response to client’s demands. The Coffer Group has the largest dedicated staff force with nearly 40 people dedicated to leisure advice and the CLIA team itself has combined experience over 100 years advice in the sector.