Hawskmoor Secures 4th London Restaurant on Regent Street

June 29, 2012

Hawksmoor has agreed a deal with Ignite Group to take an assignment of the lease for its Senkai restaurant at 65-84 Regent Street. The 10,000 sq ft first-floor restaurant — formerly Cocoon — was assigned on a 26-year lease from 25 March 2004 for an undisclosed premium.

Josh Leon, Associate Director at Davis Coffer Lyons, said, “We originally let this unusual space to Ignite Group and their ‘Cocoon’ restaurant was a success for nearly a decade. Recently they reopened it as Senkai which didn’t work quite so well, but as experienced restaurateurs know, licenced leaseholds can in some cases command substantial premiums even when the business inside is no longer thriving. Hawksmoor is a shining light in the London dining scene currently not to mention a terrific team to work with in this business.”

Will Beckett, Co-Founder of Underdog Group, said, “Bruno and Catherine Loubet were kind enough to walk round the restaurant with us before we decided to take it on, and helped us imagine it as it might have been in its glory days – beautifully designed, bustling and exciting. We’ve never taken on a space with this kind of history before and it definitely adds to the pressure!”.

Underdog Group, headed by founders Will Beckett and Huw Gott, operates three other London restaurants are in Spitalfields, Guildhall, and Covent Garden.